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Dien Chan Zone - All about it

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Dien Chan Zone reflexology tool with rose quartz

Hi! Nice that you’ve showed some interest in a Dien Chan Zone session!

You’ll read right here what it is exactly, what it can do for you and what the programme of a session with us looks like :)

If you have any more questions, just send me a message from the contact us section or DM me through Instagram.


Dien Chan Zone (DCZ) is a form of Westernised Facial Multi-Reflexology, brought to Europe by the Italians Beatrice Moricoli and Vittorio Bergagnini. “Dien Chan Zone” comes from “Dien Cham/n” (“DC”), as discovered by Professor Bui Quoc Chau, a Vietnamese teacher of acupuncture. He found out that by applying a certain pressure to specific points and areas in a particular order, it had a remarkably positive impact on the health. He therefore stopped using his acupuncture needles during his treatments. Bui Quoc Chau started to write about DC in 1970 in Vietnam. His goal was not only to heal people but especially for his patients to also learn how to heal themselves.

DCZ is different than acupressure or acupuncture. It’s not based on the meridians but on a multi-reflexology network with hundreds of maps and reflex points. There are 20 maps for the face only. DCZ works on the basis of Yin and Yang principles.

The therapy of Professor Bui Quoc Chau was acknowledged by the Chinese Medical Academy as one of the fastest-acting (in terms of response) of the Eastern therapies.

DCZ is the newest form of reflexology worldwide but also the most powerful one so far! And the beauty of it is that after a visit to a practitioner, you can continue to treat yourself at home! I will tell you more about this later.


How does it work?

With DCZ we work with a tool with a rounded end (or with your hands if you work on yourself at home) on the facial skin and search for points that look or feel different. We stimulate these reflex points of the face that are linked to the body to help bring balance back. This is how we try to restore the correct flow of energy in the body. By touching these points and areas of the face, the brain receives a signal. The brain will make sure that the self-healing ability of the body gets activated and sends energy to the areas in need for healing.


What does a DCZ appointment look like?

When you come in for an appointment we go through a questionnaire to find out what your current problems are. In other words, what bothers you the most at this moment. What makes DCZ so special is that we are not searching for the cause of the problem, but we follow all the symptoms during the treatment. The body will tell us exactly where to look at or where to go to. The body cannot speak to us through words so it uses symptoms to express energetic disharmony. You will probably recognise that the body first starts with a whisper, but if no action is taken to create harmony again, it starts to shout.

The treatment itself is not painful, but deeply relaxing instead. A treatment can take 30 or 60 minutes plus some extra time for consultation. First you will go over a questions sheet so you (the receiver) and the practitioner both agree on what to work on first. Both the receiver and the practitioner take off all their restrictions like metals (jewelry), belt, shoes, glasses etc. You remain fully clothed and there is no need to remove any makeup. The receiver will then sit down on a chair or lay down on a massage table. Before starting the actual treatment, the practitioner will take some deep breaths together with the receiver in order to relax. There is always a contact with your practitioner by hand (one hand is behind your head or on your shoulder and with the other hand through the tool). The receiver’s eyes are closed the entire time and during the whole treatment there won’t be any speaking.

Imagine that a little rounded tool is lightly going over the surface of your facial skin making little movements in a certain order/protocol/area. The treatment itself is deeply relaxing, sometimes people even fall asleep.

After the treatment you go together over what was noticed. You will also receive a personalised map of the face with coloured-in zones. Your practitioner will explain exactly what to do with your map so you can keep on treating yourself once you are back home.

You literally have been given the gift of healing into your own hands! You can treat yourself at home for 21 days, followed by a break of one week to give the body the time it needs to feel/see what has happened. You can treat yourself daily during these 21 days, from 30 seconds up to 3 minutes per area; It is up to you and the time you have for it. The body will only take the energy it needs.

It is wise to write some sentences down every day during these 28 days of self-treatment so you won’t have to remember everything you’ve noticed. These notes will be very useful during the evaluation with your practitioner.

After 28 days you may come back to your practitioner. Should you not feel like treating yourself at home, you could come in for a weekly treatment. (N.B. the more reflexology gets applied, the better its magic will work on you). Together with your practitioner, you will evaluate how things are going for you, what has changed, what is needed etc. 


What will happen after the treatment?

“Tuj” is Vietnamese for “it depends” and that is the truth. How it goes depends on so many factors! Think of age, health, the will to change, the ability to let go etc.

You cannot predict exactly what will happen after the treatment. Some discomforts will pass by quickly and some of them will need more attention.

Also take into account that the practitioner is a facilitator for self-healing and not a doctor! What can be sure is that each meeting and treatment will be unique and one of a kind. Additionally, you are given the gift of self-treatment and therefore you hold your self-healing process in your own hands!


What can be treated with DCZ?

DCZ holds protocols for all kinds of symptoms. It doesn’t only treat symptoms, it also works in a preventative way. From migraines, hay fever and ……….. to allergies, (food) intolerance, chronic inflammation and emotional imbalance; but also for neck or back pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression, DCZ can help you.


Are there any dangers related to DCZ?

DCZ is for everybody but there are cautions:

  • Not in the first trimester of a pregnancy
  • If you have botox/fillers or cosmetic surgery done it’s better to go for hand/foot reflexology
  • Extra careful with pacemakers and mechanical implants
  • Not if you are at psycho-pharmaceuticals
  • Limited use on people with dementia/Alzheimer’s


Here is the programme of an Akasha blends Dien Chan Zone session (facial reflexology):

Give yourself the gift of (self) healing!

-  We drink a cup of healthy relaxing tea
-  We go over a questions sheet and evaluate the answers during the first treatment. If it is not your first time, we evaluate how things are going for you and how you are feeling
-  We decide together what we are going to work on
-  We take off all restrictions (glasses, belt, shoes, jewelry etc.) but you remain fully clothed and makeup is no problem
-  During the whole treatment there is music playing that helps raise the frequency and/or that helps reduce pains
-  You lay down at the massage table (which is mildly heated so you and your muscles stay warm and are able to deeply relax)
-  From this point on, your eyes are closed and there won’t be any more speaking (you can raise your hand if you are in discomfort or experience pain during your treatment)
-  Together we take a couple of deep breaths
-  For 30 or 60 minutes the practitioner treats your discomforts with a rounded-end tool over the surface of your facial skin
-  We thank each other for the experience
-  We drink a cup of healthy uplifting tea
-  We go over together what was noticed during the treatment
-  The practitioner creates a personalised map of the face for you to treat yourself once back home
-  The practitioner explains how to use your personalised map


That sounds great, right?!

If you got enthusiastic and want to experience a Dien Chan Zone session, I invite you to book it here in our online shop. Every 7th treatment is for free!

Pricing: 60 minutes for €45; 30 minutes for €26.

Only in Mierlo (North Brabant, The Netherlands)

We hope to meet you soon <3

Be soft. But wild. Awaken your beauty!

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