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Dien Chan Zone Session


We are allowed to invite you over for treatments again from May 11! We are very happy about it! We will make sure though that you stay safe and healthy. So please feel free to follow the steps below to book a session from May 11 :)


Dien Chan Zone is the newest form of reflexology in the world but also the most powerful one so far!

The beauty of it is that after a visit to a practitioner such as us, you can continue to treat yourself at home in order to restore the correct flow of energy in your body.

The session takes place in the lovely Dutch town called Mierlo (North Brabant). You can choose for a session of 30 minutes (26€) or, for the best experience and results, 60 minutes (45€).

You can read all about this facial and its detailed programme in this blog post.

Here are the 2 steps that we need you to take in order to book your Dien Chan Zone session:

  1. Pick a date by following this link: By default the duration of the booking is set to 90 minutes but we will adjust it as soon as your booking is complete.

  2. Pay for the option (60 or 30 minutes) that you choose via the payment module above. As soon as we get a payment confirmation, we will confirm your booking and send you our address.
    This payment will not be refundable but we will offer you the possibility to postpone it (maximum 2 times) for up to 12 months following the day of your payment. If that really does not work out for you, we will turn your payment into a credit to buy any Akasha blends product or online workshop :)

We’ll be super happy to welcome you at our treatment cocoon in Mierlo!