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Mookaite Guasha board


If you purchase one Guasha board together with one of our Facial oils, you will receive a cute glittery pink bag with your order #surpriiiiise

Mookaite is a stone that can be used on every skin type. She is known as the “Stone of Radiant beauty” and because the root of the word Akasha means “to shine or to radiate”, Mookaite seemed like a perfect match!

Mookaite is connected to the first 3 chakra’s (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus). She helps strengthen the immune system, purify the blood, break up blood stagnation and heal wounds faster. Mookaite is the bringer of peace and wholeness.

She helps you to keep your skin and soul youthful so you can age with grace. Her message is: “I am beautiful, inside and out”.

We created this shape because of its wonderful properties. It is easy to work with and gives great results.

The short end of the board (with crescent) is perfect for between your eyebrows or for lifting strokes over your forehead. The long side of the board has a light curve that makes it an ideal fit for your cheeks, forehead and neck. The heart shaped top (legs) can be used at the bridge of your nose, on your chin and jaw, or on the back of the neck, over the spine. The legs/corners are also great to use on the acupressure points of the face. The corners between the short end and the long ends are fantastic to use on the soft tissue under your eyes for some gentle loving strokes. The long side with big teeth helps untangle fascia and works well on deeper lines and wrinkles.

How to clean and charge?
You can clean your board with lukewarm water (and a natural soap). You can charge her with Hematite or with an Akasha crystal or put her in the early morning or late afternoon sunlight.


Treat yourself with this tool of Radiant Beauty!

Hey by the way, those Mookaite Guasha boards come straight from Mother Nature and she rarely makes 2 things identical. So expect some tiny differences between each item. And love them :)