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Here's what's in your bag
Iron plate with seven Apophyllite crystals aka the Akasha crystal

Apophyllite: The Akasha crystal


This crystal is connected to the Akasha Chronicles. It is a little star portal. When placed in a room it increases the energy and vibrations of this area. Because of its pyramid shape, the crystal brings light and energy to your heart chakra.

Apophyllite is also very grounding. It makes sure that you keep the connection with your physical body while you’re “traveling”.

It helps to correct imbalance, to reduce stress and negative thinking. It helps you to worry less and lets you focus on accepting yourself.

You can put the crystal on your 'third eye’ while meditating.

When you put 2 crystals on your eyes it can have a rejuvenating effect.

When you put a crystal on your chest it can help to catch your breath and to calm you down.

The crystals can also be used to charge other crystals.

How to clean and charge?
You can clean your crystal with running lukewarm water. You can charge her in daylight.


Hey by the way, those Apophyllite crystals come straight from Mother Nature and she rarely makes 2 things identical. So expect some tiny differences between each item. And love them :)

Every crystal has been ethically sourced in India.