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SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy - Session


Are you feeling stuck in certain areas of your life and don't know how to change this?
Do you have the feeling that some themes keep coming back, but you do not yet manage to resolve them? Then maybe Spiritual Response Therapy is the next step on your path!

Sometimes certain problems or stagnations keep coming back in your life, despite everything you've already done to change something. Possibly this keeps on happening because there are moments, something in you is triggered, that you have no conscious memory of. The reason may be that the root cause is not in this life, but in a past or parallel life. With SRT I can detect these causes and cleanse them energetically. I do this by researching your subconscious and the ‘library of your soul’ aka Akashic records with a pendulum and special SRT cards.

I am looking forward to helping you identify and clear those blockages so that you can start living your life more powerful, freer and more complete.


- A session cannot be given when pregnant or suspecting to be pregnant. This is because then I cannot distinguish with whom I am in contact and possibly receive the wrong information.
- A session usually lasts between 1 and 1.5 hour(s). By booking a session on this page, you pay for the first half hour. After the SRT session, a payment request will be sent for the remaining time of the session. A session is €33 per half hour. 
- After paying the first €33 on this page, we will send you an email to book a date for your SRT session.

Want more information?
Then read this blog post first.

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The session takes place in the lovely Dutch town called Heeze (North Brabant).