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We at Akasha blends reveal our soul to you

We at Akasha blends want to support and inspire you, both physically and mentally, through our products and their effect. We want to challenge you to follow your heart’s desire. We want you to accept and celebrate your inner and outer beauty.

The root of the Sanskrit word ‘Akasha’ means: ‘to shine’ or ‘to radiate’. Our focus as a brand is guided by this meaning.

In order to shine, we need to feel good about ourselves. Our products will help you feel and spread your glow even more. We also care to inspire you as much as possible by transmitting our mind-set.

There’s nobody more beautiful than you when you are fully present and happy. We encourage you to be soft and to embrace yourself, but also to stay wild, connecting with your purest form. Awaken your beauty and show your radiating self to the world!

We are committed to carrying on researching what makes us shine in life and gives us a beautiful glow and to, accordingly, keeping on developing ourselves and Akasha blends!

Follow what makes you sparkle.
Cherish your fire!