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Radiating Ritual set

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This Radiating Ritual set created by Akasha blends is a reminder to spend more sacred time with yourself. The tools and items that it includes will help you reconnect with yourself, unwind, relax.

The Radiating Ritual set contains:

  • Dalmatian Jasper Comb
  • Dalmatian Jasper Guasha board
  • Dalmatian Jasper incense holder
  • Morning star Lotus incense
  • Fairtrade bio cotton Akasha blends bag

Dalmatian Jasper is a stone that can be used on every skin type. She is known as the “stone of joy”. It connects you with your playful side, with your sense of curiosity and wonder. Dalmatian Jasper is THE stone that represents Yin and Yang. It represents light and dark and is therefore connected to the root and crown chakra. It helps show you your strengths and weaknesses. In short, these Guasha beauties are all about bringing back harmony and balance so that you can shine bright!

The scent of the Lotus incense will help to make you aware of the connection with yourself and everything around you - the universal soul. Lotus is the symbol of purity, compassion, transformation and spiritual enlightenment. In combination with the use of Dalmatian Jasper, you then get a powerful ritual set that will make you radiate <3

As chill cherry on the zen cake, we made a special “Radiating Rituals” playlist on Spotify to accompany you in your selfcare ritual with an extra Akasha blends vibe. This playlist features music with miracle tones and high frequencies that with soothe your entire well-being. (If you ever experienced one of our treatments in our Salon, you’ll know what we are talking about ;-) ). You’ll get the link to access that playlist by email once you gift yourself (or your loved ones) the Radiating Ritual set.

The music playlist and the Lotus incense will both take +/- 25 minutes. This gives you exactly enough time to practice the relaxing scalp massage (with the Dalmatian Jasper Comb), the Guasha ritual (with the Dalmatian Jasper Guasha board), and dream away for a little moment or even doze off for a powernap!

Last but not least, the Dalmatian Jasper stone helps strengthen the immune system, boosts the circulation and supports the self-healing abilities of the body. It also helps see things in the right perspective. Peaceful mind, peaceful heart we say :)

Click here for more information about the Dalmatian Jasper Guasha board.
Check our IG-videos on @akashablends (or in Dutch @theglowlisticapproach) to see how to use the Dalmatian Jasper Guasha comb and board. You know what, we’ll add that info in the follow-up email we’ll send you to share the Spotify playlist. We might even send you a discount code for a “Guasha with me” online session so you can master the Guasha self-ritual. More info about this session at this link. Well, it that’s not a lovely follow-up email, then we don’t know what is :D

How to clean and charge your Guasha board and Guasha comb?

You can clean them in running water (with natural soap). You can charge them in strong sunlight for 3 hours or with an Akasha crystal!

Treat yourself (or your loved ones) to these peaceful, balancing and radiating vibes!

Hey by the way, those Dalmatian Jasper tools come straight from Mother Nature and she rarely makes 2 things identical. Some are more grey and black, and some more white and black. Tiny differences are to expect between each items, loveable tiny differences :)