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"The Cosmic Shabang" Facial Treatment


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“The body wants to heal, always”.

The Cosmic Shabang is a comprehensive facial treatment where health and beauty go hand in hand. The treatment is therefore not only noticeable on the face but also has its effect on the entire body and health.

The Cosmic Shabang facial treatment is fully adapted to your wishes and goals regarding health and beauty. The entire treatment is aimed at bringing back balance in your whole system via the nervous system so that you will shine through life!

In this treatment we use the same techniques as “The whole Shabang” treatment (read all about this treatment here) but on top, we finish with a facial reflexology protocol of your choice! For the Facial reflexology part of the programme, you can refer to this blog post.

The session takes place in the lovely Dutch town called Heeze (North Brabant). A treatment takes either 90 or 120 minutes (€111,- or €144,-). That is either 1 or 1,5 hour of The whole Shabang treatment and half an hour of Facial reflexology to work on and what is needed to achieve your goals.

For the Facial reflexology part, these are the detailed options: (you CANNOT choose more than 1 at a time ;) )

  1. Acne protocol
  2. Anti-inflammatory and detox protocol
  3. Balance the nervous system protocol
  4. Eczema protocol
  5. Food allergies protocol
  6. Hormonal balance protocol
  7. Insomnia protocol
  8. Menopause protocol
  9. Reduce wrinkles protocol
  10. Respiratory allergies protocol
  11. Sight improvement protocol
  12. Skin problems protocol
  13. Spine and neck protocol
  14. Support the digestive system protocol
  15. Support the lymphatic system protocol

After your treatment you’ll digitally receive the protocol we’ve worked on, together with a 21-day practice sheet and stop-week sheet. In this way you can continue your self healing journey at home. It is IMPORTANT you’ll stick to your protocol on a daily base. The body needs to pick up the signal/the correct flow of energy and needs you as its activator and supporter in the beginning. Keep in mind: it only takes a couple of minutes to practice a protocol! Make things easy for yourself and multitask if you have to;)

After 21 days, in the stop-week, we’ll evaluate and see if the bodies rhythm is restored. Depending on the situation you’re in (where stress plays the biggest role) your body sets in a healing response or it might need some extra support <3

Read before booking:

There are some cases when it is better NOT to get the “whole Shabang” component from the “Cosmic Shabang”. This facial treatment can better not be given:

  • During the first or last trimester of your pregnancy
  • On wet acne/ eczema
  • If you have fillers or Botox
  • On sunburned skin
  • On open wounds
  • On inflamed or irritated skin
  • On damaged skin
  • If you’re ill or have a fever
  • When you have skin cancer
  • When you have swollen lymph nodes

The Facial reflexology component from the “Cosmic Shabang” is for everybody but in some cases it’s better NOT to perform it. It is better to avoid Facial reflexology when you:

  • Have Botox or fillers, or had cosmetic surgery
  • Are pregnant (always consult first with your specialist)
  • Have a pacemaker and/or mechanical implants
  • Use psycho-pharmaceuticals (always consult first with your specialist)
  • Suffer from dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Have open wounds
  • Have wet acne/eczema
  • Have recently had surgery

If you have any doubts about your (skin) condition, just send me a message with your question.

 All good? Then we’ll be super happy to welcome you at our treatment cocoon in Heeze!

Take into account that a Facial reflexology practitioner is a facilitator for self-healing and not a doctor!  Activations are NOT meant to treat, cure, or prevent a disease. Always consult a doctor when in doubt and/or in need!

Here are the 2 steps that we need you to take in order to book your Cosmic Shabang:

  1. Pick a date by following this link: bit.ly/akashazen. By default the duration of the booking is set to 90 minutes but we will adjust it as soon as your booking is complete.

  2. Pay for the option (choosing your “add on” Facial reflexology protocol in the 'protocol box' at the top of this page) that you choose via the payment module above. As soon as we get a payment confirmation, we will confirm your booking and send you our address.
    This payment will not be refundable but we will offer you the possibility to postpone it (maximum 2 times) for up to 12 months following the day of your payment. If that really does not work out for you, we will turn your payment into a credit to buy any Akasha blends product or online workshop :)

“We heal by flow, not by force”.