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Here's what's in your bag

Our values at Akasha blends: #fair #simple #pure

We believe in fair, simple and pure. These are very important values for us personally, which we care for Akasha blends to follow as well.

Fair; because no damage should be done to the environment or local economy while harvesting and making our products and their ingredients. Products should not be tested on animals. We are very pleased that our sources answer to all of these points! And it makes us even happier to be able to offer skincare that is reasonably priced and affordable.

Simple; for us means a no-nonsense way. The use of even one of the ingredients should already have a positive effect on your skin, and when combined with others, it will highlight its qualities.

Pure; the ingredients are used in their purest form, as wild as they are in their natural origin. They all come from reliable sources.

All of this together is what we trust to make beautiful and worthy blends.

Meet all our Products, Workshops and Facials in the Akasha store

We lovingly make our blends by hand in the Netherlands, consciously and mindfully using all the goodness that nature offers us.

From exclusive plant-based oils to lovely scents and the use of crystals, Akasha blends wants to give you an experience through all your senses.

We have researched how our products can help keeping your skin in a healthy condition. They are created to fit the different skin types and satisfy their needs.

Your skin will get the nourishment it needs, giving you a wonderful glow!

Spotlight on: Our Eye Roller with rose quartz roller ball!

Camellia oil, Prickly Pear oil, Pomegranate oil, Natural Vitamin E. That's it:) That's the Akasha blends values in action: Fair, Simple, Pure.

This 100% natural blend will do wonders for the skin around your eyes. And the rose quartz roller ball will bring magic to your soul.

These oils are so gentle that they will moisturise your skin and contribute to keeping it in a healthy condition. As a result, you will save that sparkle in your eyes!

Fall in love with our eye roller

Bucket list level: Guasha Facial, aka the Botox of the East

The goal of facial Guasha is to improve the blood circulation, the lymph circulation and the flow of energy in the face.

The result is a younger and brighter appearance, a beautifully sculpted face and a wonderful glow. You will experience a deep feeling of relaxation in both body and mind!

Come and get your glow & zen at our massage cocoon in Heeze!


Glow-getters' testimonials

I love love love love Akasha blend's products. They are soft, delicate, natural, plus they come in a marvelous pink box which is super dreamy.
I adore the Bath bliss and the Facial oil Rose. I use it everyday and everyday my skin looks softer and lighter.
Love this brand <3 and love Inge, the one behind this beautiful brand.

For years I was looking for a beautiful natural product for my skin and I have found it now at Akasha blends! The Facial oil Rose is my favorite.
In addition to the beautiful products, I got to enjoy the delicious Guasha treatments several times.
Such a gift for yourself, highly recommended!

I stopped by for a Guasha treatment and it was fantastic! Extremely chill, super relaxing and a gift to your skin.
After the treatment, my skin was more radiant and felt tighter and more plumped. It was also to see on the before and after photos.
Visits to Akasha will for sure become a regular part of my self-care routine :)