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Solis - Facial reflexology jewellery


Freshly handcrafted batch of Solis coming up!


Solis came to life after sharing my dream -that I had for years- to always wanting to have a facial reflexology tool at hand in a nice piece of jewellery. I reached out and shared this dream with Aurore, goldsmith and founder of Les Matins Lumière. She came up with this stunning design which is also a joy to work with.
Solis is the first reflexology tool made into jewellery!

Because one of the meanings of “Akasha” is to “radiate”, was this our point of focus. You radiate most when you fully stand in your own power. The piece received the name “Solis” to remind us of our inner sun and to spread our own magical light. Solis helps you to remember who you originally are. She is an ode to your very existence, to your own divine light. “I am my divine light” is her message.

That’s why it’s not by accident that we chose to work with certain materials. The body of Solis is made out of Sterling Silver 925, the crystal is Golden Rutile quartz and the sphere tip is made out of hypoallergenic solid Titanium. Titanium can symbolically be seen as a prism and it can bring a wide spectrum of light and energy to your body. What makes titanium even more special is that it promotes a balanced electrical current throughout the body -better than any other metal- which makes it PERFECT for practicing facial reflexology!!!
One of the reasons why I wanted to work with Golden Rutile quartz is because the crystal is connected to the third chakra, the solar plexus. Rutile quartz brings you the power of the sun and helps you to become a master of your own strengths! It contains special healing powers and brings enlightenment to all levels of your being and heals blockages and cracks in the energy body, which makes it perfect to practise facial reflexology:-)

With Solis you will have healing at your hands at all time! Whenever you need it, when you are at work, in the train or waiting for your lunch date to arrive, you can always practise your protocols that help to make you feel better.

Every time you work with or wear Solis, remind yourself of its beautiful message!

How to work with Solis:

With Solis we recommend to work your facial reflexology protocols with a pressure of 2 or 3 out of 10 on your face. As a reference, you can compare this pressure with how you would lightly colour something in with a pencil.

Clean and charge:

You can clean Solis with the included cleaning cloth. You can charge Solis in the morning sunlight for a couple of hours or with an Akasha crystal.

How to get Solis of the chain?

What is very special about this design is that you can take Solis of the chain WITHOUT opening your necklace. Click here for a instruction video.

What will you receive?

Solis comes in a cute little pouch and with a cleaning cloth.

You can buy the pendant Solis by itself or as a set with either a 45 cm or a 60 cm sterling silver necklace. The model on the picture wears the 60 cm necklace.

The necklace is 1.9 mm thick.