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Rose Water Spray


Rose water spray (organic ingredients) 100ml - Spray made from roses for body & mind. It moisturises the skin, brings harmony, softness and has a calming effect. 

This rose water spray is a lovely face and body mist where glycerin (from organic ingredients) has been added to organic rose water (hydrosol) from the Damascus Rose. This makes this rose spray unique and extra hydrating for the skin. The Damascus Rose is the queen of flowers with its heavenly scent and is known for its skin-caring properties, balancing the hormonal system and supporting emotional well-being. 

This rose water spray therefore has nurturing and harmonising properties; it both invigorates and soothes the skin. Rose brings love; it works on the heart area and connects you to it. It increases feelings of love and brings relief from shock and grief. 

The fragrance is wonderfully soft, works slightly pain-relieving and creates a warm, gentle and intimate atmosphere. This makes it very nice to use during pregnancy and childbirth.

You can easily spray it on your face or body and even on your tongue for its supportive effect from within (it is soft and slightly sweet in taste). 
NOTE: During pregnancy, do not spray in the mouth. During childbirth and afterwards, you can.

It can also be used for the hair, giving a beautiful shine and smoothness.  

A product that is purely natural, with no additives.  

Pure Nature makes pure natural care products from mostly its own, locally grown herbs organically or biodynamically. Everything is done by hand, from sowing to harvesting and processing the products. Love and attention are central and you can feel that!


Quantity: 100 ml

Additional Information

We at Akasha blends fell in love with this quality rose water made by Pure Nature (we use it all the time in our Guasha treatments) and are proud to make it available to you as part of our collection!