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Grey Agate Mushroom


When adding the Grey Agate Mushroom to your shopping bag, you can choose between a Single-Mushroom-pack or a Double-Mushroom-pack. The Double-pack includes 2 Grey Agate Mushrooms so you can treat both sides of your face at the same time, and you can treat your wallet with a nice little discount :)

If you purchase a Grey Agate Mushroom together with one of our Facial oils, you will receive a cute glittery pink bag with your order #surpriiiiise

Grey Agate is, thanks to its composition, what they call a “pure” Agate. The ‘grey’ colour can vary from a yellow-ish white to a blue-ish dark grey.

This crystal massage tool can be used on every skin type. The Mushroom shape is easy to work with and will do miracles if you suffer from tension in the jaw or in the muscles of the neck or shoulders, and also if you are a teeth-grinder. 

Grey Agate is an excellent helper against sore muscles and muscle cramps. It also helps clean the lymphatic system, strengthen the blood vessels, detox, bring a healthy circulation, enrich the skin with oxygen, and finally it also helps in case of skin disorders. It is also said that Grey Agate is extremely good for eye health. A true miracle worker it is!

Because the stone is very grounding, but also brings balance on emotional, physical, and intellectual level, it is connected to the root and crown chakra. It helps harmonize your yin and your yang.

Grey Agate radiates the energy of strength and has the ability to bring hidden information to light. The stone helps relieve stress, quiet the mind, and it also helps bring abundance.


Heating the mushrooms:
We advise to boil some water and put it in a large heatproof bowl. 5 minutes later, put the mushroom(s) in the bowl. Wait until the water has cooled down to approximately 60˚C before using the mushrooms. You can check for the water temperature with a tea thermometer.

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OUT OF THE WATER, THE MUSHROOM(S) ARE HOT! So maybe you want to use something to take them safely out of the water. Check CAREFULLY on the inside of your wrist if the mushroom(s) are cooled down enough for you to be able to practice your facial routine. This is different for everybody. The mushroom(s) should bring a comfortable heat but should NEVER burn your skin!

Hold heat for a medium amount of time. 

How to clean and charge:
You can clean your mushroom(s) with warm water (and a natural soap). You can charge them by putting them in the sunlight for one day or charge them with an Akasha crystal!


Hey by the way, those Grey Agate Mushrooms come straight from Mother Nature and she rarely makes 2 things identical. So expect some tiny differences between each item. And love them :)