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Rose Quartz Spoon


When adding the Rose Quartz Spoon to your shopping bag, you can choose between a Single-Spoon-pack or a Double-Spoon-pack. The Double-pack includes 2 Rose Quartz Spoons so you can treat both sides of your face at the same time, and you can treat your wallet with a nice little discount :)

Rose quartz is a gemstone that can be used on every skin type. It has the most gentle, loving energy and was used since ancient times for its anti-aging abilities, which makes it perfect to work on the fascia/connective tissue! It helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles and it reduces puffiness. It is also helpful in releasing excess fluids and impurities in the cells of the body. It encourages hydration and skin rejuvenation.

Rose quartz is the ultimate emotional healer. It produces a restful, cooling energy that will restore calmness, balance and clarity to the emotions. Rose quartz is excellent for healing emotional "wounds". It encourages peacefulness, gentleness and tenderness and connects to and balances the heart chakra.

A spoon is lovely to work with around the eyes for a quick fresh appearance and brow lift. Great for people with sagging skin that can use a bit of a (morning) lift ;-)

How to clean and charge:

You can clean your spoon with running lukewarm water (and a natural soap). You can charge her with Clear Quartz or with an Akasha Crystal!


Hey by the way, those Rose Quartz Spoons come straight from Mother Nature and she rarely makes 2 things identical. So expect some tiny differences between each item. And love them :)