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DIY Mushroom protocol English version


This DIY protocol is in English. If you would like the Dutch version, please check out this page.


Crystal mushrooms are great for working the muscle tissue. By heating the mushrooms and then working on the muscles of the shoulders, neck and face, the heat is transferred into the muscles. By bringing heat to the muscles, they relax and recover better.

Overused and stiff muscles certainly benefit from this treatment. Think, for example, of jaw clenching, teeth grinding, frowning, pain in the neck or shoulder attachments, etc. In that case you will extra benefit from this treatment, but in general, bringing heat to the muscles gives a soothing and relaxing feeling. It is also a fantastic way to get the entire circulation going!

We offer 3 different types of mushrooms: Grey Agate, Rose Quartz and Green Nephrite Jade. Grey Agate and Rose Quartz have an average heat and Nephrite Jade stays warm the longest.

If you have 1 mushroom, you first work on one side and then on the other side of your face. If you have 2 mushrooms you can work with 2 hands at the same time. We therefore recommend that you purchase at least 2 mushrooms if you want to work on 1 side at a time. Or 4 mushrooms if you want to work with 2 hands on both sides at the same time so that you can keep changing and working with (one) warm mushroom(s) all the time.

You’ll receive:

  • 1 print-friendly PDF file with the protocol in pictures and words
  • 1 Video where the protocol is shown and explained
  • 1 Video where the protocol is shown without spoken words so you can just follow along
  • A 10% discount code on all mushrooms

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    Bring your muscles some relaxation and melt that tension away!

    By the way, because this is an e-learning workshop are all sales final.

    ! WARNING !

    Here follow some cases when it is better NOT to practice the Mushroom protocol: 

    • During the first trimester of your pregnancy. Skip the complete area between your upper lip and nose, as well as the shoulder area during the whole pregnancy and always consult your health expert
    • On wet acne/eczema
    • If you have fillers or Botox (either skip these areas and/or for Botox wait at least 3 months, or wait until you are close to get your new Botox injection to go over the area)
    • On sunburned skin
    • On open wounds
    • On inflamed or irritated skin
    • On damaged skin
    • If you have a cold, a fever or if you are ill
    • When you have skin cancer
    • When you have swollen lymph nodes