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SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy - All about it

Posted by Inge Wilbrink on
SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy - All about it

What is SRT?

SRT is a form of therapy developed by Robert. E Detzler, an American teacher, counsellor, author and also the founder of the SRT Foundation.
With SRT, we explore the ‘subconscious’ and the ‘library of the soul’ aka the Akashic records. The search is mainly aimed at energetically clearing problems/stagnations that arise in everyday life and that you keep running into. Often you have already done and tried everything and yet a certain problem or situation keeps coming back on your path.
This is where SRT can offer a solution. Perhaps something is triggered in you, but you have no conscious memory of it. This is because the root cause is often not in this life.

Why is this?

When we think about the concept of ‘time’, we usually think in a past, a present and a future, as in a horizontal timeline. Nowadays, you increasingly hear that ‘time’ is different, namely: everything happens at THE SAME moment, as in a vertical timeline! And to expand a bit more, the same vertical line also contains previous (or other) lives and, for example, parallel lives. As a result, you may experience something (uncomfortable) in your present life that happened in another life, so the root cause is not in this one. As a result, something can keep dormant.

What do we explore?

We explore where something has stagnated and help clear the negative energy. All this is done at the etheric body and soul level.
Just an example to illustrate: suppose we were to work on a physical symptom, we help purify the etheric body/soul energy but not the actual body! After all, we are not doctors. By purifying at the energetic level, you clear the way, so to speak, so that the actual body no longer carries unnecessary energetic ballast. This gives the actual body the opportunity to recover and healing could occur. Of course, a healthy lifestyle and everything else needed to promote this recovery is super important! You can't just cleanse the etheric body/soul and not optimise your life for the rest - that doesn’t work. These things always go hand in hand.

How does SRT work?

With SRT, we work with a pendulum whereby contact is made with the Higher Self. Everyone has a Higher Self or several Higher Selves. The Higher Self is connected to the Akashic Records/library of the soul. This library stores all the information of everything we have ever been, are and will be. Also, everyone has their own Akashic Records.
My Higher Self (as an SRT practitioner) makes contact with your Higher Self and so information is exchanged which becomes visible because the pendulum starts moving. The pendulum points to important information on special SRT cards that are relevant to clear a problem/stagnation. This is always done in the most loving way. After all, your Higher Self ALWAYS has your best interests at heart!
Very often things are first cleared before the core of the problem is revealed. Often this core is meaningful to you. It is not always a conscious recognition but you often FEEL the recognition.

What happens after a session?

After a session you will initially feel pretty much the same but probably a bit ‘lighter’, as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Gradually, you will notice that things in your life change. For instance, your thinking has changed or you make different choices than you did before, you feel more peaceful, more connected to the bigger picture and you feel more complete. Of course, it is important that you support yourself with dignity by making choices in your life that are conducive/good for you (#freewill).
If you choose an ascending lifestyle in this way, the problem/stagnation may just be completely resolved and stay away for good!

How many sessions are needed?

This cannot be said exactly in advance because we have not yet received the insights from the Higher Self. Sometimes 1 problem/stagnation has many layers, then it may take longer to clear them all and several sessions are needed. Anyway, it is always the shortest way with the most optimal results because that is a condition I work with.
One session usually takes 1 hour but can last up to 1,5 - 2 hours. The Higher Self also indicates how much time is needed for everything to sink in (a sort of incorporation time) between sessions. This way we know exactly when to schedule a new session. This way, your system doesn't get so overloaded and everything keeps feeling kind of calm.

For which situations can SRT be used?

This is very diverse, but basically for everything you are struggling with/what is stagnating in your life and what you have already dealt with several times on a mental or physical level but it does not get resolved.

Are you interested in a session?

Then get in touch with me to see if I can do something for you. Send me a message from the contact us section or DM me through Instagram or -if you feel it right away- book an appointment right away, here.


I always need at least 1 day at a first session to prepare for you personally. So, if you are a new client, I can NOT meet on the same day for the first session! If you have been here before for SRT, and it concerns a follow-up session, then you can schedule on the same day.
A session is €33 per half hour. You pay for the first half hour on, via our website (here) and after the session, a payment request will be sent on the remaining time of the session.

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