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The Quantum Facelift - All about it

Posted by Inge Wilbrink on
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Hi! Nice that you’ve showed some interest in The Quantum Facelift treatment!

You’ll read right here what it is exactly, what it can do for you and what the programme of a session with us looks like :)

If you have any more questions, just send me a message from the contact us section or DM me through Instagram.


The Quantum Facelift (QF) is a comprehensive facial treatment where health and beauty go hand in hand. The treatment is therefore not only noticeable on the face but also has its effect on the entire body and health.

In this treatment we use different techniques such as: releasing the fascia with the hands and/or a Guasha board, facial reflexology, lymph drainage and various other massage techniques.

Everything that shows up on the face is a reflection of an energy and/or nervous system blockage in the body. Things like breakouts, redness, dry skin, cold sores and even wrinkles are ways in which the body communicates with us.

By analysing the signs of this communication from the body, together with a questionnaire-led analysis that is based on the Chinese 5 element theory, we will identify what YOU need and create a tailored treatment plan.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on 5 elements. These elements are: earth, water, fire, wood and metal. Every person usually has one or two predominant elements. The patterns of health and disease as well as external and internal characteristics correspond to these elements that characterizes you.

The QF is therefore not a standard facial treatment, but a treatment that is fully adapted to your wishes and goals regarding health and beauty. The entire treatment is aimed at bringing back balance in your whole system via the nervous system so that you will shine through life!

A treatment takes maximum 2 hours and minimum 45 minutes, depending on what you want to work on and what is needed to achieve your goals.

The nervous system usually needs more than one treatment to be balanced again, in the same way that a (health) problem does not arise at once. It typically takes several treatments to achieve good results and to restore the right flow of energy. The nervous system needs multiple impulses/encouragements to maintain the new rhythm, or actually to go back to the original rhythm. You will go home the first time with your own map of the face, suiting your symptoms and goals, so that you can continue treating yourself at home with facial reflexology.

This gives you more control over your own health and you will know how to activate the self-healing ability of your own body in a sustainable way.

A 2-hour treatment combines some (or all; depending on your needs) of what follows:

  • Fascia release: by getting rid of adhesions/blockages in the connective tissue, we are opening ‘the roads’ for a new signal through facial reflexology
  • Facial reflexology: we give the brain a new signal and activate the self-healing ability of the body
  • Lymphatic drainage: we drain the system from toxins
  • Scalp/ear massage: adds an extra deep state of relaxation

Shorter treatments will consist of a selection of the above.

A 45-minute treatment will only focus on facial reflexology. Such specific short treatments are usually to alternate between the longer QF treatments in order to keep activating the nervous system and the self-healing ability of the body. You can read more about facial reflexology here.


Most people experience the treatments as a blessing for their total well-being and go into a deep state of relaxation. We always try to induce this relaxation because when one is relaxed, the self-healing ability of the body starts to work even better. Receiving a treatment is therefore an important aspect in the journey to feeling better.

However, some parts of the treatments can be a bit sensitive (definitely not painful) in some short instances when a blockage/adhesion has been found.


What can be treated with Facial reflexology?

Facial reflexology holds protocols for all kinds of symptoms. It doesn’t only treat symptoms, it also works in a preventive way. The healing abilities range from migraines, hay fever and skin problems, to allergies, (food) intolerances, chronic inflammation and emotional imbalance. In addition, for neck or back pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression, facial reflexology can help you out.


The Quantum Facelift:

Where beauty is the result of a balanced YOU <3


Intake session Quantum Facelift (160 min): €176,- (mandatory for the first time)
Programme: Intake; fascia release face and neck; facial reflexology; lymphatic drainage face and neck; scalp or ear massage; map of the face to work on facial reflexology at home

Full Quantum facelift (120 min): €132,-
Programme: Fascia release face and neck; facial reflexology; lymphatic drainage face and neck; scalp or ear massage

Medium Quantum Facelift (90 min) €99,-
Programme: Fascia release face and neck; facial reflexology; lymphatic drainage face and neck

Light Quantum facelift (60 min): €66,-
Programme: Local fascia release face and neck; facial reflexology; local lymphatic drainage face and neck

Facial reflexology session (45 min): €49,50
Programme: Facial reflexology



Take into account that a QF practitioner is a facilitator for self-healing and not a doctor!  Activations are NOT meant to treat, cure, or prevent a disease. Always consult a doctor when in doubt and/or in need!


Invest in your health and let beauty be the result of a body and mind in balance!


If you got enthusiastic and want to experience The Quantum Facelift treatment, I invite you to book it here in our online shop. There are possibilities for a strip card of 5 or 10 treatments in a row!

Only in Heeze (North Brabant, The Netherlands)

We hope to meet you soon <3

Be soft. But wild. Awaken your beauty!

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