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"The whole Shabang" facial treatment - All about it

Posted by Inge Wilbrink on
Akasha blends model Inge using heated clear quartz crystal mushrooms

Hi! Nice that you’ve showed some interest in “The whole Shabang” facial treatment!

You’ll read right here what it is exactly, what it can do for you and what the programme of one session with us looks like :)

If you have any question, just send me a message from the contact us section or DM me through Instagram

Two Guasha stones and a Sodalite blue spiked roller

This treatment is perfect for people who hold tension in their face, jaws, neck and shoulders. Sadly, these days, that’s practically everybody.

The face, neck and shoulders have some powerful muscles. Sometimes you give someone a Guasha treatment and it looks like not a lot has happened. Of course, a lot has happened, but the face doesn’t show a whole lot of difference. One of the reasons can lay in holding tension. Causes can be stress, teeth grinding or jaw tension. So sometimes, it’s good to first work on the tension part before we move on to a regular Guasha treatment.

This treatment is deeply relaxing because we use heated crystal mushrooms to loosen up the muscles. A heated muscle relaxes more easily. Think for a minute what that can do to the shape of your face…got it? YES!

When we hold tension in our lower area it can have a lot of influence on how our face looks. Take teeth grinders for example. Their cheek muscles feel very firm and are visible on the face. What happens if you warm up this area? The muscle is able to relax, it can release its tension and the face will change of shape. Not even mentioning the other benefits this can bring!

While you enjoy a facial massage with pressure point activation, we steam the crystal mushrooms in a steam cooker.  We work with mushrooms from grey Agate, Rose quartz and Nephrite Jade to melt the tension away. Agate strengthens the blood vessels and cleanses the lymphatic systems while it balances your energy. Rose quartz helps to bring relief to general pains and aches. Nephrite green Jade helps soothe tight muscles and is said to speed up the body’s healing process. 
When the mushrooms are warm enough, we check if the heat feels comfortable to you so we can start working on your skin. We work on the chest area, the shoulders (not when pregnant), neck area and the facial muscles. We start with a light and fast pressure and work towards a deeper and slower pressure. This way lymph, fascia and muscles are involved. Already after this crystal mushroom treatment alone, you’ll see a difference in the face because it contours and depuffs your skin. 

The benefits are:

  • It relaxes muscles
  • It releases blocked energy
  • It increases blood circulation
  • It increases lymphatic flow
  • It releases stiff and sore muscles
  • It reduces puffiness
  • It contours and sculpts 
  • It brings fresh nutrients to the face
  • It deeply relaxes

And this is just the beginning, the warmup! After this treatment we’ll follow with the Guasha facial treatment that you probably already know. If not, click here to read more about this treatment :-)

After the Guasha facial treatment, we will dive into your skin once more to focus on micro-zones. This can be smile lines, crowfeet, lines on the forehead etc. We’ll use a broad range of tools to work on the different matters. These are some of the tools that we work with: Sodalite blue spiked roller, Nephrite green Jade tool, Rose quartz spoons, Bianstone board, etc.

All in all, this is a deeply relaxing treatment that will calm and nourish your body and mind, which leaves you with a renewed contoured face and a wonderful glow!


Here is the menu of “The whole Shabang” by Akasha blends:

Treat yourself to a deeply relaxing tension melt for body and soul!

-            While you enjoy a foot bath (starring our very own Bath bliss), we drink a cup of skin boosting tea to get the circulation going and we have a chat about your skin (issues)
-            We take a before picture - if you don’t want your picture taken or shared on our social media channels just let us know :)
-            During the whole treatment there is music playing that helps raise our frequency and you are surrounded by some delightful scents
-            The massage table is mildly heated so you and your muscles stay warm and are able to deeply relax
-            Rinsing with a hot bio cotton towel
-            Deep cleansing based on your skin type with bio Avocado oil
-            A short facial massage
-            Heated crystal mushrooms tension melt massage
-            Rinsing again with a hot bio cotton towel
-            Guasha facial treatment (read more about it here) with the Akasha blends facial oil Rose or Neroli based on your skin type and our eye roller (all available for purchase), and with either a Rose quartz, Aventurine or white Jade gemstone Guasha board
-            Point activation
-            Micro zone treatment with various gemstone tools
-            Rinsing with a hot bio cotton towel
-            Toning the skin with organic Rose water
-            We drink a cup of detoxifying tea and admire your instant changes and glow!
-            We take an after picture - if you don’t want your picture taken or shared on our social media channels just let us know :)


The result is a younger brighter appearance, a beautiful sculpted face, a wonderful glow and a deep feeling of relaxation in your body and mind!


Interesting right?

If you got enthusiastic and want to experience “The whole Shabang” facial treatment, I invite you to book it here in our online shop. Ask for our possibilities for a strip card for 5 or 10 beauty treatments!

Pricing: 120 minutes for €132; 90 minutes for €99; 60 minutes for €66.

Only in Heeze (North Brabant, The Netherlands)

We hope to meet you soon <3

Be Soft. But wild. Awaken your beauty!



There are some cases when it is better not to get “The whole Shabang”. This facial treatment can better not be given:

  • During the first trimester of your pregnancy
  • On wet acne/ eczema
  • If you have fillers or Botox (wait at least 3 months)
  • On sunburned skin
  • On open wounds
  • On inflamed or irritated skin
  • On damaged skin
  • If you’re ill or have a fever
  • When you have skin cancer
  • When you have swollen lymph nodes

If you have any doubts about your skin condition, just send me a message with your question.

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