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The Story behind the Name

The Story behind the Name

The root of the Sanskrit word Akasha means: to shine, or to radiate.

The combination of these two meanings caught our curiosity; Would this show a way to glow throughout your life? We wanted to find out more! This desire, together with our love for essential oils, brought Akasha blends to life.           

With Akasha blends, we want to support and inspire you, both physically and mentally, by the products and their effect. We want to challenge you to follow your heart’s desire. We want you to accept and celebrate your inner and outer beauty.

We are committed to continuing to finding out even more on what makes you shine in life and what gives you a beautiful glow!

We invite you to discover what the Akasha is all about by checking this blog post of ours :)

So let us grow and evolve together;
Grow your consciousness and awaken your beauty with Akasha blends!